Sunday, January 13, 2019

Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

Welcome back!  We launched into a new semester last week with Student-Led Conferences, a Pin and Blazer Ceremony for our Juniors and Seniors, and an Alumni Panel for all of our high school students.  What a week!

During the Pin and Blazer Ceremony, I referred to a distinction that author David Brooks makes in his bestselling book, The Road to Character.  Brooks distinguishes between "resume virtues" and "eulogy virtues."  The resume virtues are what one cultivates when one aims at utilitarian success.  Building one's professional skills is important, to be sure, but one's resume is not the same as one's character.  At our Academy, we aim to cultivate eulogy virtues.  These are virtues such as friendship, self-sacrifice, moral courage, and integrity of character. 

It takes time to develop these virtues.  In fact, it takes the whole of one's life.  Even then, these virtues are not fully complete.  Yet we strive to their perfection nonetheless, because we believe that human happiness lies in eulogy virtue much more than in resume virtue.  As we begin this second semester together at North Phoenix Prep, let us be ever vigilant in the cultivation of eulogy virtue.  Let us direct the hearts and minds of our students toward the interior moral drama of self-knowledge and self-improvement, and let us direct them away from the shallow waters of self-satisfaction.

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold