Thursday, March 22, 2018

9th Grade Field Trip to the Phoenix Herpetological Society!

9th Grade Field Trip to the Herpetological Society on April 25!
Students will leave at the end of 1st period and return during 4th period
Chaperones needed! If interested, please email Ms. Harris at 

Cost is $27, pay here
We want every student to attend, please email Ms. Harris if you need financial assistance. 
Field trips at the Phoenix Herpetological Society include a behind-the-scenes look at a reptile sanctuary and its inhabitants. On the tour, students will learn about over 1700 reptiles including:
  • tortoises, like our native Sonoran Desert Tortoise as well as the three largest species of tortoises in the world
  • large lizards such as iguanas and the carnivorous monitors and tegus
  • venomous snakes (safely within in their habitats/enclosures of course) such as rattlesnakes, cobras, and mambas
  • 22 species of crocodilians (the second largest collection in the country) with alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and gharials.
  • non-venomous snakes such as king snakes, ball pythons, and gopher snakes
  • small lizards like bearded dragons and chuckwallas
PHS Field Trips are very hands-on and interactive; we give students the chance to meet, touch, and interact with as many animals as possible while teaching about adaptations, life histories, and considerations that we must take into account by having them at our sanctuary. We also teach about desert safety and what to do if they ever see a rattlesnake in the wild.
It is definitely a unique experience that students will not forget. They get the chance to hold a lizard and a snake...for many kids, this is the first (and maybe the only!) time they will ever do that. They learn about safety and responsibility of having a reptile as a pet and they learn why reptiles are such amazing animals.
* Students must wear their uniforms (shorts are recommended for the hiking portion) and are encouraged to wear athletic shoes 
* Students MUST wear closed-toed shoes
* Wear a hat/visor, sunscreen
* Bring a water bottle (no glass)
* Cameras encouraged (in accordance w/ PHS photo policy)/ NO VIDEO PERMITTED

Monday, March 19, 2018

Prom tickets for sale!

Prom is Saturday, April 21st from 7pm-10pm! 

The theme will be revealed later this week!

In the meantime, you may purchase your student's ticket here

- General information here

- Dress Code and Attire Guidelines here

- Guest form application here

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

Welcome back from Spring Break!  Can you believe that the fourth quarter is about to begin?

By now, all families will have received report cards for the 3rd quarter, so I want to address our vision for evaluating students at North Phoenix Prep.  First, we realize that student grades can be a source of anxiety, especially as our students anticipate applying to college.  I'd encourage everyone to read the section in our Family Handbook titled, "A Word on Grades and Applying for College," in which we explain the tremendous advantage that our students receive by pursuing our honors curriculum compared to the "soft" GPA that comes from easier coursework.

Second, our teachers do not merely crunch numbers to determine a grade.  Our students receive a humane appraisal of their progress from a person who knows them.  Though our teachers do indeed give tests in which there are unambiguous right and wrong answers, it is they who assess our students, not a computer.  Nor is this "subjective" in the sense that the teacher's opinion is a mere whim or feeling.  Rather, we are confident that our teachers can give an accurate evaluation because their opinion is formed through concrete, direct interaction with our students every day.

Third, our focus is not on the letter grades themselves, but on the daily progress of our students.  We believe that education is a lifelong journey, and so we do not view assessment in terms of work input/grade output.  Because we hold this view, the focus of our written narratives, student-led conferences, and indeed all of our evaluative conversations is on progress and methods of improvement.  While we acknowledge that it can be difficult to focus on the long-term benefits of a classical, liberal arts education at North Phoenix Prep, we encourage parents and students to maintain a vision of the confident, articulate, well-prepared graduate whenever the journey becomes strenuous.

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold