Saturday, July 29, 2017

Exciting Senior Events!

We are looking forward to graduating our inaugural senior class this year!  The senior year is full of many wonderful events that look back upon cherished memories from the past, as well as events that anticipate the joys and challenges of life after high school.  Can you believe that these students only have one more year with us?!

Here are the leaders of these momentous and cherished occasions for our seniors:

Director of Senior Thesis Program - Mr. Warczinsky
Senior Night Coordinator - Ms. Smith
Senior Trip Coordinator - Mr. Shisler
Senior Pin & Junior Blazer Ceremony Coordinator - Ms. Harris
Senior Dinner Coordinator - Ms. Smith
Junior/Senior Luncheon Coordinator - Ms. Smith
Graduation Ceremony Coordinator - Ms. Smith

Each leader will be sending more information to families in the coming days, and they will also be partnering with our seniors to leave a lasting legacy at our academy.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

Shakespeare wrote in Sonnet 18 that "Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines . . ."

While the Bard could not have known the intensity of our Arizona sun, his words certainly have been true over the past few months.  The heat is not likely to dissipate for some time, but I do hope that you and yours have either found your way to cooler regions or at least enjoyed a patch of shade. Likewise, I hope and trust that summer has been a restful time of leisure for your family. Let me also add my warmest welcome (pun intended) to those of you who are new to the Phoenix area.  I promise that weather does indeed become more temperate here in our fair city.

Lovely as our vacation has been, and although it is hard to believe, school is right around the corner! And this is a particularly action-packed August, with a brand-new campus to move into!  Please take note of the following items as you prepare:
  • Our new campus sneak peek is August 8th and 9th from 1-4 pm. This is not a programmed event.  Rather, it is an open opportunity for families to get a sneak peek at our campus.  Our faculty and staff will be actively preparing for the start of school, but all are welcome to locate lockers, find classrooms, and gaze in admiration at our brand new facilities!  
  • Please note that student schedules and locker numbers will be sent electronically in the beginning of August prior to the start of school.  We have also streamlined the process of purchasing school-distributed materials, i.e. no waiting in lines.
  • Interested in volunteering?  The PSO Lunch Program is a fantastic opportunity to serve.
  • Our Family Handbook is your source for understanding NPX school policies.  Tolle lege

Finally, I want to thank everyone for your patience as we open our brand-new campus!  Words cannot express how excited I am, and I know that so many of you have waited and sacrificed to make this moment happen.  We are almost there!

With Devotion,

Headmaster Weinhold

Uniform Reminders

Dear Families of North Phoenix Prep,
If you’re like me, you’ve filled your summer with exciting adventures and have allotted little time to think about getting ready for school; NOW, you’ve remembered you have many items to buy and not much time left to do it. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you how important it is to make careful decisions about uniform selection. We are so excited to get back in the classroom with your kids, and we want our interactions to stay positive and truth-centered. Earlier in the summer, I sent a list of some of the problems we’ve encountered in the past and how you, the families, can help us avoid them at school this year. I’ve reprinted them here, with edits to make them interesting to read again. Consider that a properly fitting and well-constructed uniform will set your student up for success and positive interactions with staff for the year. Please keep the following in mind when purchasing uniforms:
1)     Hem and haw: pay attention to hems, for skirts, pants, and shorts. The hem of a skirt or shorts should reach the student's knees. Pants should rest at the top of the shoes, not much higher or lower. If students still fit in their current uniform, please check for fraying in the hems. Remember, if the waist still fits, you can still take out the hem for growing legs!

2)     λόγος, not logos! Make sure there are no logos on socks. Even if socks are black, they still do not count as proper uniform attire if they have logos. (I have been tricked by this one: I brought socks home for my son and found when I unwrapped them there were logos at the top!)

3)     Dress shoes: High school :: Athletic shoes: Middle school. Please only purchase dress shoes for high school. Remember, athletic shoes are only allowed for middle school students, in the gym, or on designated field trips. In all cases, please make sure the shoes are a solid color. Check out pictures on the website if you’re not sure.

4)     If the shirt fits, wear it! Make sure the shirt fits the shoulders AND is long enough to stay tucked in without needing to be constantly adjusted. If you have a choice, fewer buttons on a shirt is better when it comes to the practical task of keeping all but one button secured.

5)     Keep it classy! When selecting dress slacks and/or shorts, the pant legs should not be tight fitting, cargo style, or cinched at the bottom. When in doubt, play it safe, and opt for the straight leg style.

Thank you in advance for your consistent help and influence in making our culture healthy and constructive. Let’s make it a great year!

Ms. Schripsema, Dean of Students

New Campus Traffic Flow

In case you missed this communication back in May, here's a summary of our traffic flow pattern for the new campus!

Question: How will pickup and drop-off work on the new campus?

Answer:  See the image and explanation below.  Prep is blue.  Archway is red.

All traffic will enter the campus from the south via Hearn Rd.  All traffic (both Archway and Prep) will then proceed around the field.  Prep-only families will then turn south and pickup or drop-off at the south side of the Prep building and exit the campus using the east exit.

If you have both Prep and Archway students, then you will:

  • Drop-off all of your students on the Archway side in the morning.  The Prep students will proceed to their side of campus by foot.
  • Pick up all of your students on the Prep side in the afternoon.  The Prep students will retrieve their siblings and bring them to the Prep pickup area. 

Some of our Prep-only families may be wondering why they cannot simply turn right once they've entered the campus.  Why go all the way around the field?  The reason is that we need to queue our vehicles.  A traffic study conducted by the City of Phoenix has determined that allowing a right-hand turn for Prep-only families would result in traffic spilling onto 32nd Street.  Nobody wants that.

Doubtless, the traffic pattern at our new campus will take some time for our community to learn, but once we get it established and figure out the right timing, it will become routine.  Thanks in advance to everyone for your patience, and for your diligence in learning these traffic patterns well ahead of time.

Lunch Volunteers Needed!

As a reminder, our lunch program is volunteer-driven, and generates a lot of revenue for the PSO to give back to the school.  But it only happens if we have the volunteers to pull it off.  We encourage you to sign up as a lunch volunteer using the following link, whether you're able to be a regular volunteer every week or just once in a while.  There will be a lunch volunteer orientation during the first week of school (details to come) before the actual lunch service begins August 21st.  

We appreciate your help!