Saturday, June 17, 2017

Uniform reminders

Dear Parents,

Summer is a time full of promise for families: catching up on novels, playing at the pool, visiting family, and preparing for a new school year. One item that is certainly on my mind this summer is getting my kids’ uniforms ready. As a parent and a teacher, I love our uniforms at North Phoenix Prep. As a parent it means we never have to spend time in the mornings wondering what my kids will wear. As a teacher, it means we can focus on the things that really matter in education: relationships based on actions and virtues, exciting ideas and questions posed to us by great thinkers, and the experiences carefully constructed by capable faculty. We are fostering a positive culture focused on ideas and not clothes, and to that end, we need cooperation from the entire community. This cooperation begins with the purchases you make for your students this summer. Consider that a properly fitting and well-constructed uniform will set your student up for success and positive interactions with staff for the year. Please keep the following in mind when purchasing uniforms:

1)      Pay attention to hems for skirts, pants, and shorts. The hem of a skirt or shorts should reach the students knees. Pants should rest at the top of the shoes, not much higher or lower. If students still fit in their current uniform, please check for fraying in the hems. Remember, if the waist fits, you can take out the hem for growing legs!

2)      Check for logos on socks. Even if socks are black, they still do not count as proper uniform attire if they have logos.

3)      Please purchase dress shoes for high school. Remember, athletic shoes are only allowed for middle school students, not high school students.  High-School students must wear dress shoes.  In all cases, please make sure the shoes are solid black or solid brown, including the laces, trim, and side walls of the shoe.  Top-siders are not dress shoes and are not proper uniform attire.

4)      Check fit for collared shirts. Make sure the shirt fits the shoulders AND is long enough to stay tucked in without needing to be constantly adjusted. Buttons should stay securely closed.  

5)      Please purchase dress pants and/or shorts. Bottoms should not be tight fitting, cargo style, or cinched at the bottom. Play it safe, and opt for the straight leg style.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the new campus in August, dressed their best and ready to learn!


Sarah Schripsema
Dean of Students

North Phoenix Prep Welcome and Updates

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

On behalf of all the faculty and staff at North Phoenix Prep, I want to extend our warmest welcome and heartiest salutation as we commence the 2017-2018 school year.  It is an incredible privilege for us to engage in our mission as a Great Hearts academy: to cultivate the hearts and minds of students in the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.  Though summer vacation is a much-needed time for rest and relaxation, there is also great joy in answering our life’s calling.  I look forward to seeing that joy in the faces of our students this coming August!

The new school year will be here before we know it, so I want to introduce you to a few new members of our 2017-2018 administrative team.  Our beloved biology and humane letters teacher, Sarah Schripsema, is stepping into the Dean of Students role for next year.  She will be working with our faculty to foster a healthy student culture, and she will be your first contact for all matters of student discipline.  We are also welcoming MeLisa DeSilva, an Archway North Phoenix parent, as our office manager.  Ms. DeSilva is onboarding during the month of June, and she is already so excited to be serving you!  As you need general school information or as you have questions about book/supply orders, she will be your first point of contact.  Finally, we are quite pleased to have Angela Tanigawa join the front office team as our new registrar.  When you have questions about student records or enrollment, she will be your best contact.

The first day of school is just around the corner, so please check our school website ( and keep an eye on your email for back-to-school details and announcements.  You may want to review our morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up procedures, as well as our uniform policies.  If you are new to North Phoenix Prep, please also subscribe to the Gladiator Press to receive updated information throughout the year.

With Devotion,

Paul Weinhold