Saturday, March 25, 2017

Summer Programs

Due to our move North Phoenix Prep will NOT host summer school classes on camps. As alternative opportunities become available we will post them on the school website.

Online North Phoenix Algebra Summer Program

North Phoenix Prep will offer an intensive online program from June 1 to June 29 for students who want to be prepared for their upcoming Algebra course. Course content will be delivered through Khan Academy and successful completion will be contingent on passing a cumulative final. Please note that this mode of delivery will require a high level of self-motivation and self-directed learning for successful completion of the lessons and understanding of the concepts. 
  • Algebra I – For new and incoming 8th - 10th grade students or students that need to retake Algebra 1. Successful completion will be based off of a comprehensive final on June 29. 
  • Pre-Algebra- For new and incoming 7th grade students or students that need to retake Pre-Algebra. Successful completion will be based off of a comprehensive final on June 29. 
  • Please register on the NPX website (Cost: $250). More information regarding face to face help sessions and curriculum will be sent to registered parents and students in the middle of May. 
Questions? Please contact Mr. Huynh

NPX Football Summer Camps

Sign Up online for NPX OTA & NPX Training Camp

Questions? contact or or

2017-2018 Re-Enrollment/Intent to Return

It’s time to re-enroll your child for the 2017-2018 school year at North Phoenix Preparatory Academy. Please confirm your child's intent to return for the upcoming school year by submitting re-enrollment paperwork as soon as possible

To confirm your child will return to Great Hearts next year or withdraw for next year, please follow the re-enrollment instructions below:
  1. Log in to the enrollment Parent Portal using your email address and password. 
  2. Once in the enrollment Parent Portal, please click on the RE-ENROLL NOW button on the right. 
  3. Select your student/s and click on the green START RE-ENROLLMENT button. 
  4. Answer all questions, download the packet, and print out your re-enrollment packet. 
    • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each student you are re-enrolling. 
  5. Finally, turn in completed re-enrollment packets to the front office.
We ask for your quick response, as it allows us to keep an accurate count of available seats. Please note that your child’s position is secure unless you indicate that they will not be returning for the 2017-2018 school year. If you are not certain of your plans for next year or know that your plans will not include North Phoenix Prep, please complete the intent to return (re-enrollment) online.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Senate Donut Sales

NPX Student Senate will be selling donuts on Thursday mornings before school.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

I trust that each of you enjoyed a restful time of relaxation with friends and family during this Spring Break.  The Weinholds visited our hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.  It was an enjoyable holiday filled with good food and good fellowship.  This respite from the daily routine of school life has given me new energy and has helped me reflect upon the work that is ours as a classical liberal arts academy, a work that I would contend is actually a leisurely activity.  Let me emphasize that last point: properly conceived, everything that we do at North Phoenix Prep is leisure, not labor.

That claim may come across as rather nonsensical, I realize.  Do our students not engage in rigorous coursework?  Do our teachers not spend long hours preparing and delivering lessons and tutoring after school?  Yes, all that is true.  But all of that is actually still considered leisure in the historical sense of that word.

Let's dig in a bit, by first coming to understand the difference between two distinct kinds of human activity, the mechanical arts and the liberal arts.  A mechanical art is something like agriculture or cooking or trade.  These kinds of arts are done in the service of something else.  People engage in agriculture or cooking for the sake of producing food.  People engage in trade for the sake of producing money.   Such mechanical arts are important and necessary, but they are not actions which are performed for their own sake.  Rather, they are performed for the sake of something else.  That's why some authors in the Western Tradition refer to these as servile arts--because they serve to produce something else.  That's what labor is.  It's working not for yourself, but for the benefit of something or someone else.

The liberal arts, by contrast, are those arts which are most suited to true human freedom because we pursue them for their own sake.  In that sense, the liberal arts are truly leisurely activities.  The purpose of a mechanical art is the production of something else, such as a shoe or a building. The purpose of a liberal art is increasing human happiness. It is enjoyment in the highest sense.  Thus, when our students read the Great Books, they are increasing their own capacity for enjoyment.  They are broadening the horizons of their imagination.  They are encountering characters and situations that they may never experience directly.  They are entertaining ideas that they may not otherwise come across.  In so doing, they are truly exercising their freedom in the deepest and noblest sense of that word.

Allow me, then, to welcome all of our students and families back from Spring Break to the leisurely activity of mutually pursuing Truth, Goodness, and Beauty with our faculty.  Let us truly enjoy it together!

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold

Quarter 3 Evaluations

Evaluations for the 3rd quarter are now available to view in the Jupiter Parent Portal. If you have trouble logging in please contact

7th Grade Field Trip THIS TUESDAY!

7th Grade Field Trip to Phoenix Art Museum! 

When: Tuesday, March 21st from 1st Period-beginning of 5th. 

Where: Phoenix Art Museum, Critical Eye Tour and Samurai Exhibit.

Attire: Normal school uniform, athletic shoes acceptable.

Food: Students need to bring a sack lunch to eat in the garden.

Payment and Signup: $20, please sign up on the NPX payment portal. We want all students to attend, please email Ms. Harris if you have any questions regarding payment. 

Chaperones needed! Questions? See Ms. Harris.

4th Quarter Clubs

Homework Club for 4th Quarter signup now online 

Two new clubs for the 4th Quarter:

POW, People of Words Book club, open to middle school students, in room 506 on Mondays during all of Lunch and Lyceum. Led by Ms. Lams and Mr. Morrison. Free.

Creative Writing Club, room 608/9 after school on Tuesdays, led by Mr. Burke. Free.

Continuing - please sign up for the 4th quarter

Speech & Debate Club Fridays from 7:25am-7:55am with Mr. Bustos, $30 per quarter. Contact:

Jazz Ensemble - Tuesdays after school from 3:30pm-4:15pm with Mr. Donatelli, $50/quarter. Students must provide their own instruments and audition. Open to singers, bassists, guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, and horn players. Contact:

Physics Club Tuesdays 7:15-7:45 $30 per quarter

Yoga Club Thursday 7:15-7:45 $20 and must bring own mat/towel

Middle School Choir - Wednesdays from 7:15am-7:45am with Ms. Lang, $30 per quarter.

Juggling Fridays Lyceum/Lunch

Knitting Club Fridays Lyceum/Lunch

High School Drama Club Mondays from 3:30pm-4:15pm with Ms. Harris, $100 (*This is a semester-long commitment). 

College Planning Workshop - All Grades Welcome!

March 23, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm H Building

Miss Smith welcomes Great Hearts Director of College Counseling, Dee-Dee Sanders, and Certified Financial Planner, Monica Felton for this workshop on planning- both academically and financially- for college! We welcome families of students in all grade levels!