Tuesday, January 31, 2017

UofA Summer Programs in Science

Do you have an aspiring scientist at home? Are you looking for a meaningful experience for the upcoming summer? The University of Arizona has some great science-focused summer programming for both high school and middle school!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

Last week we received a visit from Dr. Jason Ross, who serves as the Senior Director for Faculty Relations at George Mason University's Institute for Humane Studies.  Dr. Ross was impressed with our student culture and the true human flourishing that is happening on our campus.  As we spoke about one another's work, we discovered a shared purpose in our respective institutions: the advancement of real human freedom.

The prevailing view in the popular culture construes freedom as the absence of external restraints. On this view, being "free" merely means the ability to do whatever we please.  But this view of freedom lacks any dimension of moral responsibility.  In contrast, our Academy believes as an axiom that we ought to pursue some things and that we ought not to pursue others.  We therefore view freedom primarily as the freedom to pursue Truth, Goodness, and Beauty together--because these are the things that it will truly please our students to do.

Dr. Ross noted his special admiration for our school's policies and procedures, which clearly aim at shaping our students for the responsibilities they will have in life.  He also commended our culture of genuine dialogue in the pursuit of Truth--particularly as it occurs in the High School Humane Letters Seminar.  All in all, Dr. Ross was very, very excited by the way that we are making the GreatHearts mission real here at North Phoenix Prep.

I want to thank all of our students for their good-willed participation in growing an outstanding school culture.  By fervently seeking wisdom and virtue together with the faculty, our students are becoming the best versions of themselves every day--and it shows!

With Devotion,

Headmaster Weinhold

News from College Counseling

Looking for summer programs? Take a look at the Summer Programs, Competitions and Opportunities compiled by Great Hearts Counselors across the network.

Ms. Smith recommends the following article for students looking for summer programs. It speaks to multiple aspects of selecting summer programs: Should You Participate in the National Student Leadership Conference?

Juniors: Mon, 1/30 lunch/lyceum College Visit: Alumni Rep Info Session on Drury University

Save the date: Feb 10 is the SAT Registration Deadline for 3-11 Test

Questions? Please contact Ms. Smith (lsmith@northphoenixprep.org)

No School Feb 6-8 & Early Release Feb 10

No school on Monday February 6th through Wednesday February 8th.
12:30pm early release on Friday February 10 for Teacher in Service, we will be competing on our Academic Challenge Day with Gladiator Familiae in the morning.

Please report all absences to attendance@northphoenixprep.org or call 602-996-4355 option 2.

For more details about school attendance, refer to page 44 of the Family Handbook.

Headmaster Coffee with 9th grade parents

9th grade parents/guardians are invited to join Headmaster Mr. Weinhold for a morning discussion on Wednesday February 1. Bring your questions, concerns, or just stop in to chat. 8:30-9:30 in building H

8th Grade Science

8th grade Earth Science students are studying Erosion, focusing this past week on rivers and how moving water is constantly shaping and reshaping the Earth's surface. 

Using stream tables, they were able to observe first hand sediment loads, meanders, the creation of braided rivers, the formation of deltas, and more! 

Thank you to our PSO for making the purchase of the stream tables possible!