Saturday, November 26, 2016

Handicap Parking Reminder

Please be aware that handicap parking spaces are not for general use. The City of Phoenix and the Phoenix Police Department have informed us that drivers can incur fines from the unauthorized use of those spaces, and so we are providing this courtesy notice to all the drivers in our community.

Save the Date

Nov 28 – Dec 16, 2016 - Adopt-A-Classroom and Angel Tree - Palomino Intermediate School
Thursday, Dec 8, 2016 - HS Drama Performance - Much Ado About Nothing 
Fri, December 9, - Familiae Friday
Thu, December 15, - 4pm – 6pm - Fine Arts - Art Walk
Thu, December 15, 7pm – 9pm - Fine Arts Night - Music
Dec 21 – 23, 2016 - Half Day: 12:30 PM Release - Semester Finals
Dec 26, 2016 – Jan 6, 2017 - No School: Winter Break

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Headmaster Letter

The other day I was strolling through the Forum during lunch and Lyceum when one of our Juniors caught my attention with a witty remark: "Hey, Mr. Weinhold!  Are you going to accept your Fate like Socrates?"  Another student quickly chimed in, "Yeah, are you going to write an Apology before you get pied in the face?"  The students were referring to next week's fundraiser, of course, but they were also razzing me in an intellectual sort of way--something that they know I greatly appreciate.

The Death of Socrates by Jacques-Louis David (1787)
Sophisticated jokes like these arise from our upperclassmen's experience in Humane Letters, where they read the Phaedo, in which Plato depicts the death of Socrates, and the Apology, in which Socrates defends his philosophic way of life.  This cultivated sense of humor is one of the fruits of an education in the Great Books of the Western tradition.  By studying a coherent and orderly program, our students gain what E. D. Hirsch has described as cultural literacy.

Cultural literacy is important because it provides our students with a context for their lives.  By understanding the Western tradition, our students begin to understand themselves and the world around them.  Our curriculum gives young people a common language with which to communicate, a stockpile of ideas and facts and allusions that help them access the world around them.  Without this basic understanding of culture, encountering the complexity of life quickly becomes disorienting.

Too few young people today would even recognize Socrates' name, and an even smaller number actually read his words in Platonic dialogues as our Juniors do.  I am so pleased to see our students joyfully embracing the life-transforming texts of the Western tradition and truly making them their own.  These are the moments that make me proud to be a Gladiator!

Athletic Field Day! Wednesday, November 23

All students will participate in Athletic Field Day. Students should bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen. The NPX-PSO will be serving pizza prior to pickup time to all students. Thank you PSO!! Remember this is a 12:30, early release day.

Please refer to page 59 of the Family Handbook for guidance on appropriate dress code for the day.

Please note that Archway North Phoenix will be holding their VIP Day on the small field next to H Building. The parking lot may be extra busy at pick up time.

Win a chance to pie Mr. Weinhold in the face!

This just in: Mr. Weinhold has agreed to have a pie-in-the-face at Athletic Field Day on Wednesday, November 23rd if NPX can raise $800 for the Tuft and Needle Mattress Fundraiser!

Tickets are $10 each, and are being sold at the front office or after school. For each raffle ticket you buy, your name will be entered in a drawing to pie Mr. Weinhold!

Tickets will be sold through Tuesday, November 22 in the front office and after school. Get yours today to win a mattress AND the chance to pie Mr. Weinhold in the face!

Tuft and Needle fundraiser:

Drama Items Needed!

The 11th Grade class is hard at work for their upcoming December 8th production of "Much Ado About Nothing". The play is set in the late 1950's/early 1960's Italy, and much of it takes place outside. Please consider loaning any of the items listed below.  All items are needed by Monday, November 30 to the front office. 

Your items will be kept safe and available for return on December 9th. Please email Ms. Harris at if you are able to donate! Thank you! 

Items needed (with photos) 

  • 3 high seated Adirondack chairs (or 3 patio chairs) 
  • 1 small patio table set with 3-4 chairs (square or round) 
  • Large, fake floral arrangement 

Lost & Found

Students should check the lost & found before leaving for the Thanksgiving Holiday break. At the end of the day on Wednesday Nov 23, all lunch boxes and water bottles will be discarded. Lost clothing, backpacks, books, etc. will be donated.

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