Sunday, August 21, 2016

PSO Lunch Service Begins this week

Hot lunches will only available to students who have pre-ordered. Orders must be placed 4 days in advance. Please confirm you placed an order or send a sack lunch with your child.

Read all the details about pre-ordering here:

URGENT - several spots are still open for this week and next. Sign-Up Today!
Please consider volunteering to serve lunch, the PSO can only offer this service to our students with the support of our volunteers.

Q1 Clubs Start Monday Aug 22 - Register Today!

Our faculty has a variety of options for NPX students this quarter, beginning the week of August 22.   For specific extra curricular questions, please email the faculty contact provided.  Open to both high school and middle school students unless otherwise noted.  For all general inquiries and payment plan options, please contact Ms. Harris at

Registration & Payments are made online, more information coming soon! 

Jupiter is Coming!

NPX has adopted an online gradebook system called Jupiter.  This is a far more intuitive tool for communicating with you about grades and assignments.  We will not be providing live access to student grades, but we will be using this tool for progress reports as well as quarterly and semester grades.  Stay tuned for more details in the weeks ahead.  

1st Progress Reports will go out Monday August 29 from Jupiter. 

Traffic Patterns - Pick Up/Drop Off

PLEASE OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS, RIGHT OF WAY, & COMMON COURTESY WHEN NAVIGATING OUR PARKING LOT and ADJACENT STREETS. The safety of our students, their families and our neighboring community is paramount.

School drop off and pick up is outlined on this map with the red arrows.
Please pull up to the front of the lane to drop off or pick up your child. If you need more time to do this, please park in one of the numerous parking spaces.

The Archway and Prep parking lots are separate.

ENTER ONLY at the south end of the parking lot near Sweetwater Rd and EXIT ONLY by the middle gate.

To drop off at Prep and then continue to Archway, you will now have to exit the Prep lot and enter for Archway at their entrance.

Letter from NPX Athletic Director

Dear NPX Community,

Greetings from your new Athletic Director. My name is Joe Page, and it is with great enthusiasm, anticipation, and excitement that I write this letter.

Let me begin by telling you a little about myself. I have a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M University. Immediately following college, I worked for six years for the YMCA in both Houston, Texas, and here in Scottsdale. I served as a Youth Sports Supervisor as well as the Youth and Adult Sports Program Director. Following this, I worked overseas for 17 years in several different capacities. During my entire time overseas, I was very actively involved in starting, overseeing, coaching, etc. in a variety of youth sports programs and organizations. Upon returning to the US, I immediately became involved in more of the same and was working in the Paradise Valley school district as an English teacher. When I heard about the AD job at NPX, needless to say, I was more than intrigued and excited. I have always loved working with sports and especially with youth sports programs and organizations.

Junior College 101 is underway!

Miss Smith met with the junior class during Lyceum on Thursday this week to introduce College 101, a program and curriculum designed to provide students with structure and support throughout the college research, application, and admissions process.

Our meetings will usually run 12:15-1:15 pm, with students bringing lunch to our designated room. Room assignments may vary according the requirements of the given topic and classroom availability, but will always be announced prior to the meeting and posted in 4th period classrooms. Students were divided into two groups of approximately 16 students, Alpha (which meets on Tuesdays) and Omega (which generally meets on Thursdays, but occasionally joins Alpha for a Tuesday session). All College 101 dates for the first semester are posted on the College Counseling Calendar.