Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Great Hearts Summer College Tour

Read all the details on the GH Tour Flyer
All rising Great Hearts juniors and seniors are invited to participate in the 2016 Summer College Tour. Students will tour 10 campuses, attend information sessions and student panels, and enjoy meals on campus. Space is limited - first come, first serve basis.
Registration Opens: January 6, 2016  Total Cost, including travel: $1,250

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Early Release - Conference Week

Reminder we are on half day schedule all week. There are no after school clubs this week. Students will be released at 12:30pm.
Conferences have been scheduled, if you have any questions about appointments please contact Mrs. Young myoung@northphoenixprep.org

Locks & Lockers

Parents please take a moment to remind your children about their responsibility to secure their personal property and any school property they keep in their lockers, such as textbooks. Students should ensure their combination locks are closed and locked when they step away from their lockers. This is especially important over weekends and breaks.

College Counseling FAQ's

Beginning next week, Miss Smith will be making weekly posts here on the Gladiator Press to address College Counseling FAQ's. She will start by focusing on how Great Hearts Academies and North Phoenix Prep are addressing the factors in the Admissions decision process as described in the NACAC’s publication, the State of College Admission.

National Honor Society

North Phoenix Prep is pleased to announce the formation of a National Honor Society chapter! The National Honor Society recognizes students who excel in the Four Pillars: Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Eligible sophomores will receive their invitations in the third quarter and be inducted in the spring.
Please contact Ms. Cole with any questions (acole@northphoenixprep.org)

Loquamur Latine: A Spoken Latin Club

Register online now.

Each spring, the LOQUAMUR LATINE ("Let's speak Latin") club introduces advanced Latin students to the exciting experience of actually speaking Latin. Although many people think of Latin as a "dead language," it simply is not true: there is a growing movement among teachers, students, and classical enthusiasts across the world to revive Latin as a living language. (Read this Washington Post article on the subject: Spoken Latin: A modern remedy for the nation’s age-old reading problems?) Learning to speak Latin helps one appreciate the beauty and history of the language, understand its grammar more fully, and learn to think and communicate in a totally different way.

The LOQUAMUR LATINE club is a chance to engage in a variety of activities not possible in a typical school day, such as staging miniature Latin plays in Latin, reading Dr. Seuss books, and watching hilarious Latin news broadcasts about Roman history. Moreover, the club includes monthly field trips beyond the walls of NPX. Last year, our outings to the Phoenix Zoo and Art Museum were a huge hit. Each of these activities is, of course, geared toward increasing fluency by experiencing Latin as a living language.

This club is specifically designed for two groups of students with advanced skills in Latin:
1) middle school Latin 3 students curious about pursuing Latin & Greek in high school
2) high school students in Latin 4 
The club is run by Magistra Petralis (Ms. La Peter) and Magister Verendus (Mr. Ward). Guest teachers will include Magister Cisiarius (Mr. Carman) and faculty from other Great Hearts Academies who speak Latin fluently.

The club costs $120 for the semester and meets THURSDAYS 3:30-4:45. Register online now.

There will be 15 total meetings throughout the semester, three of which will be three-hour weekend meetings off-campus. The club price includes an activity packet, various materials for projects, and snacks; it does not include admission prices to off-campus locations.

Contact Ms. La Peter (slapeter@northphoenixprep.org) with any questions.

Drama Club

The schedule will be different for 2nd semester.
Tuesdays are open to 8th, 9th, and 10th graders.
Thursdays are open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.
8th graders must choose only ONE day. 
Please note: a minimum of 15 students per day, maximum of 30 students per day, refund only if course is cancelled. Fee $50 per quarter online payment and registration only. Payment plans available, please contact Ms. Harris prior to registration. To register, visit the online registration page here.

Art Club

Mr. Black will be running an art club second semester for both Middle High and High school students. This will club will take students through a series of workshops designed to build specific skills. Students may sign up for individual workshops or all of them. The workshops will include watercolor landscape painting, portrait drawing, and acrylic painting techniques. Further details to come.
Teacher: Mr. Black
Fee: $35 per semester.
Where: room 603
When: Informational meeting to be held Wednesday, January 13th at 3:30.
Club meeting times TBD at informational meeting, likely to be Mondays and/or Wednesdays

Journalism Club

It is time to start our yearbook layout and the NPX-ACER is almost ready to launch.

Journalism Club Press Room will be open after school to allow current press badge holders and managing editors extra time to work on their projects. 

Please come to our introductory open press room after school on Friday January 15th, we will discuss the best fit for after school meeting days as needed. 

Call for Book Donations

Former NPX Music Students: 
If you have a copy of Enjoy Your Recorder: Book I (Soprano and Tenor) that you no longer have a use for, please consider donating it to our Music Department. This book is no longer in print and we are having difficulty locating copies for our 7th and 8th grade students to use in class.