Monday, December 21, 2015

Angel Tree Thank You

A huge thank you to all of you for supporting Palomino Intermediate through NPX's Angel Tree and Adopt-A-Classroom program! Our community raised over $2200.00 and donated wrapped wish-list gifts to 34 deserving 6th graders, as well as classroom supplies to their teachers. The students of PI were overjoyed, hugged, and thanked our two wonderful 9th Grade NPX Ambassadors, Milena Brnovich and Abby LeBeau.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tax Credit Time!

This year our goal is $64,000, which will help support Gladiator Athletics and our afterschool clubs. Click here to make your online donation now!

We have two great Tax Credit incentives to share with you:

First, the Gladiator Family that brings in the most Tax Credits by December 31st will receive a catered lunch from Carolina’s on Friday, January 15th.

Second, if NPX reaches its $64,000 goal by December 31st, Mr. Topper has agreed to a “Free Dress” Day on Friday, January 15th. That means students will be allowed to wear jeans and Gladiator shirts instead of their normal uniforms.

So, be sure to make your Tax Credit donation this month and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to donate as well. Questions? Please contact Emily Lawson at or 602-404-7414.

PSAT Registration

If you missed the registration deadline for the PSAT, late registration will open after break.

Please contact Miss Smith if you have any questions or concerns about taking this optional test.

2nd Semester Music Supplies

7th and 8th grade students taking music in the 2nd semester will need to bring a soprano recorder and Enjoy Your Recorder: Book I (Soprano and Tenor) to class.

If you purchased a recorder from the school they will be distributed in class. If you would like to purchase a recorder from the school for $5.00, please contact Ms. Harris 

8th Grade 2nd Semester Art Supplies

8th Grade students enrolled in Art for the 2nd semester will need the following supplies:
  • wooden pencils 
  • Pink eraser 
  • Spiral bound Sketch pad (8" X 10 to 9" X 12") 60 lb plus paper is preferred 
  • Fine tip black sharpie marker box of colored pencils. (Prisma Color pencils are very good and so is Reeves. Crayola are not so good) 
  • Container for art supplies. small hand held sharpener with reservoir for shavings 
  • Optional - small set of paint brushes usable with acrylic paints. 
  • Optional - small set of drawing pencils: 4B, 6B 2H
Please contact Bruce Black with any questions.