Monday, October 19, 2015

Athletic Field Day

Friday Oct 23rd is Athletic Field Day. There will be no regular classes. Students should arrive to school dressed in athletic gear as described on page 53 of the family handbook. In addition they should wear sunscreen, bring a water bottle, and a snack.

Students who are not wearing school approved athletic gear will not be allowed to participate, so check the family handbook to make sure the athletic wear matches the appropriate guidelines.

Gladiator Team T-Shirts

Gladiator Team t-shirts will be for sale during lunch, and after school Wednesday, Oct 21 & Thursday, Oct 22 and before school on Friday, Oct 23. The cost for each shirt is $10. Cash or check payment only.
Changes have been made to some of the shirts, so check to see if your team has an updated version. Every student wearing their familia's shirt from either this year or last year will receive one gladiator point. Please support the gladiator program and show your team spirit by buying a team shirt.

Athletic Field Day Friday Oct 23

We are in need of about 15 volunteers from 7:45am to 12:30pm to supervise students during field day activities. Duty assignments could be anything from shuttling kids from place to place, to refereeing games.

If you are able in help out or have any questions, please contact Mr. Wright

Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle, and should arrive to school in athletic attire as described on page 53 of the Family Handbook, excerpt included below:
Just as the Academy provides guidelines for dress code in the classroom, it is important to project the image of professionalism in our athletic attire as well. 
All shirts worn for athletic practices and field day should be modest, loose fitting, in good repair (no holes, torn sleeves, etc), should be worn either tucked in or well over the waist of the pants/shorts if not tucked in. No midriffs may be shown. T-shirts are preferred—no tank tops, camisoles, or sports bras may be worn as outer-garments. Sleeveless shirts may be worn if modest. 
Pants/shorts should be modest, in good repair (no holes, torn sleeves, etc.) Pants should be worn at the waist and should be no shorter than mid-thigh, and no-longer than just below the knee. No short-shorts or long baggy shorts may be worn. No boxers or undergarments may be visible. 
Attire should be free of logos and messages, with the following exceptions: sports team logos (e.g., Diamondbacks, Notre Dame), and apparel brand names (e.g., Adidas, Abercrombie) are acceptable, provided they do not make inappropriate allusions. (as do some skateboarding/snowboarding brands). These guidelines also apply to sweatshirts and jackets that students may wear. Footwear should be athletic in nature: no sandals, open-toed, or platform shoes. Hats and sunscreen may be appropriate, if the students will be in the sun. Hat styles should follow the same guidelines as above.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Winter Sports Tryouts

  • Middle School Baseball and Softball tryouts will be November 3rd at 4pm at Roadrunner Park.
  • Middle School and High School Soccer tryouts for will be November 3rd at 3:30pm on campus. We will have Middle School Boys and Girls and High School Boys teams.
  • High School Boys Basketball tryouts will be November 2nd at 3:30pm
    High School Girls Basketball tryouts will be November 2nd at 5pm