Sunday, September 24, 2017

Field Day! Friday, September 29

Friday is a FIELD DAY for NPX! 
September 29, 2017 (Half Day) 

This year, all field days will be a mixture of athletic, artistic, and academic competitions.  Middle school Gladiator Familiae will compete with each other, high school will mix into teams and compete against one another.  

Students may either wear their full uniform, bring athletic shoes, or wear athletic attire per the NPX Family Handbook, page 52. 

Athletic Practice and Outdoor Field Day Dress Code
Just as the Academy provides guidelines for dress code in the classroom, it is important to project the image of professionalism in our athletic attire as well.

All shirts worn for athletic practices and field day should be modest, loose fitting, in good repair (no holes, torn sleeves, etc), should be worn either tucked in or well over the waist of the pants/shorts if not tucked in. No midriffs may be shown. T-shirts are preferredno tank tops, camisoles, or sports bras may be worn as outer- garments. Sleeveless shirts may be worn if modest.

Pants/shorts should be modest, in good repair (no holes, torn sleeves, etc.) Pants should be worn at the waist and should be no shorter than mid-thigh, and no-longer than just below the knee. No short-shorts or long baggy shorts may be worn. No boxers or undergarments may be visible. No yoga pants worn as outer wear.

Attire should be free of inappropriate messages; sports team logos (e.g., Diamondbacks, Notre Dame), and apparel brand names (e.g., Adidas, Abercrombie) are acceptable, provided they do not make inappropriate allusions. These guidelines also apply to sweatshirts and jackets that students may wear. Footwear should be athletic in nature: no sandals, open-toed, or platform shoes. Hats and sunscreen may be appropriate, if the students will be in the sun. Hat styles should follow the same guidelines as above. 

Spirit Week! October 2-October 6!

Fall Spirit Week is Coming!  Please see the guidelines at the bottom.

Monday, October 2nd - COLOR WARS DAY.  Each class has a specified color for t-shirts and accessories.  Students must wear uniform bottoms, socks, and shoes for this day.
Seniors - BLACK
Juniors - BLUE
Sophomores - PINK
Freshmen - ORANGE
8th Grade - RED
7th Grade - GREEN

Tuesday, October 3rd - Tacky Tourist Tuesday!  This is a FULL OUT Spirit Day! Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs encouraged. 

Wednesday, October 4th - Way Back Wednesday - 1950's!  Another full out spirit day!  Sport your poodle skirts and leather jackets. 

Thursday, October 5th - College Day!  Have big dreams?  Wear a t-shirt from the college or university you hope to attend.  Students must wear uniform bottoms, socks, and shoes for this day.

Friday, October 6th - Gladiator Spirit Day!  Sport your Gladiator Family, club, or sport shirt with uniform bottoms, socks, and shoes.  

Spirit Week Guidelines
Spirit week is an opportunity for students and staff to enjoy shared experiences centered on generating excitement for our school. As exciting as we would like it to be, there are also clear expectations that are to be strictly adhered to. Anyone not in compliance will be removed from the activity. 

All Spirit Days are still considered regular academic school days. In general, students should refrain from wearing items that would call undo attention and create distraction. Attire cannot interfere with your or another student's learning - no distractions or obstructions, and must be completely functional for the school day. 

All spirit wear must comply with length, fit, and function of the uniform. For Tacky Tourist Tuesday and Way Back Wednesday: 1950's, bottoms must meet uniform requirements on length and fit (see Family Handbook), tops must have sleeves with appropriate necklines. All clothing must be clean, neat, reasonably pressed, and in properly fitting condition, and free of messaging (small logos, e.g., Nike, are okay). If it is questionable, do not wear it. 

Please do not try to bend, twist, stretch or otherwise modify these guidelines or otherwise take advantage of the Spirit Week opportunity. Any imitation of a faculty or administration must receive consent in advance. 

If students choose not to participate in the theme of the day, they follow the regular dress code as listed in the Family Handbook.

Hats, gloves, and wigs are allowed outside of the classroom and must be removed in class. Tasteful, relevant costume makeup is allowed, though the entire face may NOT be covered. No masks. No color in hair. Nail polish guidelines are the same as in the Family Handbook. No fake weaponry. 

Faculty and administration will make the final determination regarding appropriateness. Students will be asked to change or parents will be called to bring in appropriate clothing if applicable. 

All Spirit Wear attire must be free of pop culture, postmodern media, and/or contemporary politics, and culturally sensitive and appropriate.

Please help us keep the positive spirit in Spirit Week! Go Gladiators!

Recommendations for Spirit Week 
- students should leave a uniform in their locker in case they need to change at any time during the week
- For Tacky Tourist Tuesday and Way Back Wednesday: 1950's, students may either wear Spirit Wear-themed attire entirely, uniform attire entirely, or a combination of the two. 
- if female students wear tights or leggings, their uniform skirts or shorts MUST be worn over tights/leggings. 

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Harris at

Monday, September 18, 2017

Annual Report

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

I am pleased to share with you this year’s Great Hearts Annual Report. This is a showcase of our 2016/2017 school year. It is a reminder to us what Great Hearts is all about and the excellent year we had because of the exemplary work of our faculty and staff and the wonderful support we get from all of you. There is a variety of content in the report including teacher and student testimonials, academic performance, a financial overview and an extensive listing of all the generous donors who help make the exceptional education we offer possible. I hope you enjoy this year’s Annual Report, and I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful community and to serve you and your children in the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

You can view the Annual Report online and download it by accessing this webpage.

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold

Lost and Found

We have two separate lost and found areas on the Prep campus. 

At the end of each day items found in the NPX education building will be put on the gray cart                  located in the Prep lobby. 

 All items left in the gym or the Prep MPR will be gathered and stored in the office of the Athletic Director. 

 On the last day of each month all items that were gathered during the first three weeks of the current month, as well as all items gathered during the last week of the previous month, will be donated to Goodwill. 

Please make sure to check both areas. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

The students were so excited on Friday when we finally received our picnic tables for the courtyard!  Everyone appreciated having a place to sit, and especially now that the summer's heat is dwindling just a bit, it's going to be quite lovely to enjoy conversations around our outdoor tables. 

These kinds of conversational spaces are so important to us at North Phoenix Prep.  That's because we believe that our students pursue Truth, Goodness, and Beauty best when they engage in genuine dialogue.  Such conversation is all-too-rare in the popular culture, but under the joyful mentorship of their teachers, our students learn careful listening, intellectual discipline, and imaginative questioning.  This mode of education prepares them for more than just college entrance.  It prepares them for a flourishing life of sustained inquiry and deep, meaningful friendship.  On our campus, we see the fruit of our education not only in the classroom, but in the conversations that occur throughout the day.  We truly are transforming our students morally, not just intellectually.

We will be sending Advance Notices on Monday through Jupiter.  On Wednesday, I am looking forward to another Headmaster Coffee--this time with families of 9th and 10th grade students.  There's no school on Friday the 22nd, so let's make every day of this four day week count!

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold

Chaperones needed! 8th Grade Field Trip on Wednesday, 9/20

Parent chaperones needed for the 8th Grade 
MIM Field Trip on Wednesday, September 20! 

Parents will be needed from 8:30am-12:30pm, which includes travel time to and from the MIM. You do not need a fingerprint clearance card to be a chaperone.

Please email Ms. Harris for more information: 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Headmaster Coffee

Coffee with Headmaster Weinhold

Parents and Guardians,

Please note the following dates for an informal coffee meeting with Headmaster Weinhold

7th and 8th grade parents/guardians- Wednesday, September 13th 8:20 am

9th and 10th grade parents/ guardians - Wednesday, September 20th 8:20 am

11th and 12th grade parents/ guardians - Wednesday, September 27th 8:20 am

All Headmaster Coffee events will be held in the Library unless otherwise noted. Please sign in at the front office to receive a visitor's badge. 

We hope to see you there! 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Dads Club

North Phoenix Dads club Cornhole participants at the Yard 

The Dads Club would like to think everyone who took part in the 2017 Dads Club Cornhole Tournament!  We had almost 40 Dads take part (including a couple of famous father-administrators like Mr. Fee and Mr. Denton).  The champions this year were the undefeated duo of Chris Gardiner and Eric Mears.  Congrats!

2017 Cornhole Champs! 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Headmaster Letter

We had a great turnout for Curriculum night!

Student volunteers handed out schedules
 and programs. Thank you students!

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

Thanks to everyone who joined us for curriculum night!  It was so great to engage in fellowship and community together, and to give our families a glimpse of the transformative education that our students experience on a daily basis.

Curriculum night was just one of several special events that occurred last week.  We also hosted a college professor who taught a special stage fighting workshop for our upper-level drama classes!  In addition, our whole community participated in the Great Hearts flash drive for victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Thanks so much to all who pitched in and helped out.  It seems that word got out about this effort & we made the news!

I'm looking forward to another great week at North Phoenix Prep.  Don't forget that we have Picture Day on Wednesday the 13th.  Please also keep an eye out for information regarding advance notices and Jupiter Grades.

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold

8th Grade Field Trip Sign-Up due on WEDNESDAY!

8th Grade Field Trip to the Musical Instrument Museum on 9/20! 

On Wednesday, September 20,  the 8th Grade class will be heading to the Musical Instrument Museum! Students will leave at the end of 1st period and return for normal lunch, 5th, and 6th Periods. 

Musical instruments aren’t just for song and dance; they can tell us stories of musical journeys across the globe throughout human history. As NPX 8th Grade students explore MIM’s five major Geographic Galleries,
objects on display reveal their histories as well as the daily lives of people throughout the world.

Registration and payment are online. Please visit It is $22 to attend the field trip, please email Ms. Harris if you need any financial assistance at 

Registration and payment are due this week, Wednesday, September 13.  
Questions and/or interested in chaperoning? Please email Ms. Harris at

Now accepting ALL grades: Women's Self-Defense!

Women’s Self Defense
A Week-end Enrichment Activity
for the
GreatHearts North Phoenix Prep Community
GreatHearts North Phoenix Preparatory Academy, in partnership with Master Michael Kaneen and 9 Dragons Kung Fu, is pleased to present a practical course in self-defense for our female students. This course focuses on the key aspects of self-defense for women, including knowledge, instinct, preparation, situational awareness, and specific techniques for repelling a physical attack.
The program will be conducted by Master Kaneen and a corps of certified instructors at the facilities of 9 Dragons Kung Fu in three, two-hour classes. Sessions will be held on Saturday afternoons in September and October. There will be one make-up session in October for participants who have missed a class.
The program is open to all female Prep students (grades 7 to 12) as well as moms and dads and female teachers and staff of North Phoenix Prep. Registration is limited to 40 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment is required in advance, and liability waivers must be completed by all participants prior to taking part in the lessons. Registration fees are not refundable.
NPX female student $50
Parent (mom, dad, or guardian) of a student participant $25
Female NPX teacher or staff member $25
9 Dragons Kung Fu
20833 N Cave Creek Road, #102
Phoenix, AZ 85024
Schedule of Classes
Session 1 September 23, 1:00 to 3:00
Session 2 October 7, 1:00 to 3:00
Session 3 October 21, 1:00 to 3:00
Make-up Session October 28, 1:00 to 3:00
Registration Procedure
  1. Request registration forms from Dr. Cort (
  2. Complete the forms.
  3. Bring the completed registration forms and a check made out to 9 Dragons Kung Fu to Dr. Cort (Room 605) to complete your registration.
Other Information
Participants should wear modest, comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and tennis shoes (preferably with smooth bottoms.)
Participants should bring a water bottle.
This is a drop-off event; there is very limited seating for non-participants.

No one may participate without completed forms and waivers on file.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Harvey Flash Drive- A Note From Our Superintendent

Headmaster Weinhold and Student Volunteers

Dear Great Hearts Families, Colleagues and Partners,

Our Harvey Relief FLASH DRIVE was a rousing success! The effort put forth by our students, families, staff, volunteers and moving partners with less than 24 hours to respond, was amazing!

Together, we brought in and consolidated over 20,000 pounds of goods today alone. After many students and teachers helped load it all up, this bounty of material goodwill was transported and unloaded by 6 cheerful guys from Just-in-Time Moving, a company owned by a Great Hearts Arete parent who enthusiastically donated four moving trucks and crews, and planned the ground transport logistics. The donations are now staged at a hangar provided by RossAviation at the Scottsdale Airport. With the help of AERO Bridge, a company that mobilizes private pilots who are willing to donate their time, planes, and fuel to help the disaster delivery efforts, the first plane will fly out of Scottsdale today. The initial plan was to use four planes to transport everything to Texas, but with the tremendous response, it will take 12 planes (or trips) and one long-haul moving truck to move everything in a timely fashion. Everything delivered by plane will arrive in Beaumont, TX by Saturday, September 9th. Children and their families will greet the planes on the tarmac to pick up the supplies and then deliver them to Port Arthur, TX, one of the hardest hit areas.

You can see local TV coverage by clicking here, an article here, and we have amassed a number of photographs from the academies and at the Ross Aviation hangar that you can view by clicking here. There is also a video summary of the day that you can view by clicking here.

I am so thankful to our partners at AERO Bridge, Ross Aviation, and Just-in-Time Moving for working with us on such short notice, and I am so proud and grateful for the responsive leadership in each of our academies and for our collective, rapid, activation and generosity to lend a helping hand in this time of desperate need for our Texan neighbors. It is truly heart-warming to be part of this community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families who are enduring an overwhelmingly tragic situation in Texas ... and for those in the path of the Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida even now.

Thank you all, for answering the call!

Thank you,
Robert Wagner
Superintendent of Schools | GreatHearts Arizona
3102 N. 56th St., Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85018
D: (602) 343-0610

NPX Key Club students load the truck with Archway and Prep donations. Thank you North Phoenix Families!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

I was strolling through the hallways during Lyceum last week when I happened upon a classroom that was overflowing with students.  Being curious and admittedly somewhat wary about whatever was going on, I directed my steps toward the room.  What I discovered in that classroom delighted and astonished me.  It was an interest meeting for Key Club, a service co-curricular program that Mr. Bustos and Ms. Tabor have established this year.  The fact that so many students attended this initial meeting is an incredible witness to the servant-hearted good will of our students and their intention to benefit our community this year.

Key Club is one of many such opportunities to serve through North Phoenix Prep.  Our Lanistae program, which is a high school mentorship program, is another.  Students in the Lanistae program partner with faculty Editors to plan campus events for the middle school Gladiator teams, and they also plan community service events and other outreach.  Likewise, our Student Senators serve their peers in high school by planning and organizing student life events and cultivating school spirit.

These co-curricular opportunities are significant because our academy is more than just the sum total of academic courses like calculus or biology or French.  The content that we teach is one thing; the form through which we teach it is another.  We certainly want our students to acquire subject-specific knowledge, but our ultimate aim is the cultivation of their hearts as well as their minds.  Service-oriented co-curriculars like Key Club are just one more proof that our students are indeed becoming great-hearted, and that makes me so proud to be a Gladiator!

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold

Friday, September 1, 2017

Family Handbook

North Phoenix Families,

Please take a moment to review the Family Handbook here

Also, please complete the signature page here. You may return this form to the front desk or  electronically to

Thank you!

Dismissal Procedures

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

Thanks to everyone for getting into the routine of drop-off and dismissal.  We are making great progress!  I am just writing to address a particular pattern that we are observing during dismissal and the way that we are working to remedy that problem.

It seems that Prep-only families are using both lanes around the field rather than keeping to the outside, righthand lane.  Our traffic procedure requires that Prep-only families keep to the outside, righthand lane.  When Prep-only families use both lanes, this blocks Archway families and creates large gaps in our dismissal line.

We have communicated the proper traffic procedure on the Gladiator Press, Facebook, and email.  We have also posted campus signs in the traffic flow that indicate which lane our drivers should choose.  Even so, Prep drivers are choosing to use both lanes.

Please understand, drivers who are not using the proper lane will return to the back of the dismissal line.  If you are driving in the inside, left hand lane, you will need to have a blue Archway card.  Otherwise, our staff will direct your vehicle to the back of the dismissal line.  

In addition, make sure to exit our campus by turning right on to 32nd Street. Waiting to turn left causes backups as well.

Thanks to everyone who is already following our dismissal procedures, and thanks to everyone for your patience as we work together with Archway to fine-tune our campus dismissal process.

With Devotion,

Headmaster Weinhold

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Small Stock Club!

Archway North Phoenix is continuing their small stock program and invites 
Prep students to join! 

Location: RM 414 (Archway Building) 
Time: 3:30-4:30  
Dates: 9/15, 10/13, 11/17, 12/1,1/29, 2/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2, 5/7, 5/14 5)      

Students will purchase a small stock animal and raise the project for the Maricopa County Fair Livestock Show in April. Students will be responsible for the housing and care of the animal. In the club students will learn about the real life applications of their project to Agriculture, while also gaining skills in responsibility leadership and citizenship. Students will practice their showmanship on a regular basis and will become familiar with the anatomy and background of their particular species as well as gain a general knowledge of the other small stock species.  

Contact: Ms. Williams,

Sign up for payment and registration:

Fall Festival

 ANP and NPX Fall Festival October 27th 4 pm

North Phoenix Campus

   Food- Fun-Friends